Influence Activation

Lise Pierron & Comptoire des cotonniers

Creative Concept

Lise Pierron partnered with Comptoir des Cotonniers to showcase the brand's new fall collection in a minimalist Parisian metro setting. Lise's styling of a simple black dress, white socks, and classic shoes highlighted the back-to-school mood, captured through almost monochromatic and high-contrast photography.

Kapel' INPUT

Artistic Direction
Content Production
Creative Casting

Comptoir des Cotonniers and Lise Pierron share a common vision of empowering women through fashion. The brand's ethos, thought up by women for women, is rooted in the desire to celebrate femininity in all its forms. From diverse backgrounds, ages, and temperaments, the brand's commitment to creating a luminous and sensitive yet energetic and relaxed femininity is reflected in its minimalist and effortless designs, with a touch of French chic. With this synergy between brand and content creator, Lise Pierron embodies this message of confident and effortless femininity.

Campaign RESULTS

Number of visuals: 15
Reach: 2.9K
Impressions: 3.5K
Interactions: 789
ER: 2.6%

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