Artistic partnership

Gabrielle & Free People

Creative CONCEPT

Gabrielle Rul and Free People teamed up to celebrate the opening of two new stores in Paris, creating a unique and poetic experience for shoppers. As the muse of the launch, Gabrielle painted the front windows of the stores with her whimsical and dreamlike art, setting the tone for the brand's bohemian and free-spirited aesthetic.

Kapel’ Input

Creative direction
Organisation & Logistics
Content Production

Her artistry didn't stop there, as she also designed a limited-edition tote bag featuring her signature style, allowing customers to take a piece of her art home with them. Through this collaboration, Free People and Gabrielle Rul offered a memorable and enchanting shopping experience that perfectly captured the essence of the brand.

Campaign Results

Two stores & Tote Bags Design
Number of visuals : 16
Number of posts : 7

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